Friday Oct 6 @ 10:30 AM
Princess Story Time - October
A Sweet Event Duluth – A Sweet Event is excited to announce another Princess Story Time with our friends at Pelican Coffee. Join us for a chance to meet Cinderella from Pretty Princess Parties. She will bring with a bunch of her favortie stories to read and be available for a few pictures as well! This is a very relaxed time and you can feel free to come and go as you please. This will take place at Pelican Coffee's newly expanded meeting space. Tickets are FREE but limited to the first 60 people (Adult & Children) due to space limitations. We ask that you only take a ticket if you know you can attend and you must present your ticket to enter. 1st Session check in will start at 10:15. Story time will go 10:30 - 11:30 Come and get a good spot and a cup of coffee from Pelican Coffee. A special thanks to Pelican coffee and Pretty Princess Parties for their support in making this a free community event.
    Thursday Oct 26 - Oct 30 @ 5:00 PM
International Bird Observatory Conference
Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory – The 2nd International Bird Observatory Conference will bring together representatives from bird observatories around the world to learn from each other, network, and develop ways to better collaborate towards global wildlife conservation. Follow us on Twitter: @IBOC2017 Background The intent of bird observatories around the world can be boiled down to assessing the needs of birds, using that assessment to educate a variety of different audiences, and ultimately to support wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation. Bird observatories tend to be located at strategic points of migration concentration, and data from each point is valuable especially with regards to the local needs of the birds (and other wildlife) moving through it. But as bird observatory operators, we see the greater value in our efforts when we can bridge the gaps between our individual sites and work collaboratively to ask and answer bigger questions, and potentially impart greater impact than the sum of our individual locations. The first International Bird Observatory Conference (IBOC) was hosted by Falsterbo Bird Observatory in Sweden, in August of 2014. Despite bird observatories having been around for 100+ years, this was the first attempt to bring together representatives from the world's observatories at a single event. Over four days over 100 participants representing 40 bird observatories from six continents gathered to learn from each other, share knowledge, and develop relationships that would lead to collaborations small and large over the subsequent years. IBOC 2017 From October 26 - 30, 2017, New Jersey Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory (CMBO) will host the second International Bird Observatory Conference in Cape May, New Jersey, USA. CMBO was founded in 1976 by New Jersey Audubon because of its strategic geographic location which puts it right in the flyway of millions of birds each spring and fall. Migrating songbirds, including colorful warblers, joined by scores of raptors, hawks, eagles, falcons and owls, followed by over a million waterbirds, define the fall season at Cape May. All the while Cape May Bird Observatory keeps its finger firmly on the pulse of migration through our annual migration counts, seasonal interpretive naturalists, and cadre of staff and volunteers working to connect people to nature, and steward the nature of today for the people of tomorrow. The 2017 IBOC will bring over 300 leaders from more than 100 of the world's bird observatories to Cape May at the peak of migration to carry on where the 2014 IBOC left off. The conference will focus on monitoring and research, public outreach, and conservation challenges and victories within the context of bird observatory operations. Each day will include plenary speakers from thought leaders across many disciplines, lectures and lightning-talks, workshops and small-group events aimed at encouraging collaboration and networking. Evening social gatherings will further enhance the collaborative nature of the event. The final day will be filled with various field excursions to the region including a trip to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania. Target Audience This conference target audience includes all people engaged in Bird Observatory operations, or in organizations operating in a similar fashion: collecting long-term wildlife data, engaging various stakeholders with outreach material, and/or spearheading conservation efforts for wildlife and their habitats. Given the location of the 2017 IBOC, special emphasis is being placed on attracting bird observatory personnel from Central and South America. A limited number of travel grants will be available on an application basis, with priority given to those traveling from Central or South America.
    Saturday Nov 4 @ 2:00 PM
More Than You Thought You Wanted to Know About Owls
University of Minnesota Press – Based on Laura Erickson's award-winning book, Twelve Owls, this program provides an overview of the 12 species of owls found in the upper Midwest. Along with a wealth of life history information, you'll learn tips on how to see them. This is a FREE HNC member program. To learn more about HNC membership benefits, please visit https://goo.gl/UgtWkA. Please RSVP at 724-6735.